Live at Town Hall!!  (Well, at least the street corner outside Town Hall.)  These are buskers' permits, required in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and issued for free, even to disreputable looking people like us!!


And, here's the set-list of what we prepared for our inaugural performance on the streets of Provincetown (August 30, 2013).

"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone"

"S.F. Bay Blues"

"Tell Me Why"


"I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag"

"Amazing Grace"

"Goodnight Irene"

"My Name is Morgan But it Ain't J.P."

"Why Do You Bob Your Hair Girls?"


"Movin' Day"

"Fishin' Blues"

"Coney Island Washboard"

"Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave to Me"

"Washington at Valley Forge"

"Take t Slow and Easy"
"Long Black Veil"

"Banks of the Ohio"

"This Land is Your Land"

"Teach Your Children"

"Sail Away Ladies"

"Everybody Loves My Baby"

"Somebody Stole My Gal"

Livin' the dream!!

About Us

We play auto-harp, Jews harp, kazoo, washboard, washtub bass, guitar, banjo, and dulcimer, and we sing (at least, we call it singing - reasonable minds might differ on this point).  Beth and Laura provide vocals and great harmony.  (Plus, they don't make fun of us for doing this!!)